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Valerie is experienced at contacting Spirit for the purpose of answering questions you may have. It is an online platform where Valerie-the tarot reader, obtains advice and answers from Spirit to your questions.


About Me: My name is Valerie. I have always seen life from a mystical vantage point. I had a near death experience when quite young. And have had Christ consciousness experiences many times. These experiences were validated when I came across I Am That and other books on Eastern and Christian mysticism. When my husband Daryl (hence the name of the site) died and then my son a few years later, I recognized that I was surrounded by Spirit, Guides, Angels, and Ancestors, and hence started a dialogue. I am in contact with Spirit who has set me free from being bound to old emotional negativity and relationships, of feeling unsure, not trusting myself, and released me from the fear of negative judgement and being left out in the cold. Spirit wishes to help others as well. To set you free. To imbue confidence and knowledge and insight into your life so you lead a fuller, happier, and more independent existence on this Earth. Spirit surrounds us all, and I talk to Spirit directly through the Tarot cards.

How I Work: I interpret the cards as I think, and then ask yes or no questions of the Spirit using the Rider deck until I get the message right. I use the positive cards as a yes, the negative cards as a no. And some cards such as Two of Swords, or the Hangman, as partially right.

My Gift

I am an intuitive person, and Spirit has gifted me with Tarot as a direct way to communicate with the “other side”. I feel when doing Tarot that someone is sitting directly across from me and we are just having a conversation. When I do Tarot for myself, what is shown to me is not always what I want to see. However, the honest answers I get are always helpful. I am deeply grateful for Tarot. Through Tarot, Spirit has provided clarity and insights that have helped me, and I wish to share what I consider a gift with others.

Core Values

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    Love of Spirit

Valerie does tarot spreads and asks yes or no questions to obtain Spirit’s message for you and is determined the answers you seek are from Spirit and not from herself, who she recognizes as fallible. Contact Us

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